Bloomin’ Holidays 2018

best of show



One-of-a-kind antique store combines botany and custom builds with obscure items.

Michael Alt has a green thumb and an unlimited supply of elbow grease.  Alt is the owner of Alt’s, a combination antique store, florist, and custom build shop in Walker’s Point. The prodigious daily operations of the shop could facilitate the work of three or four full-time workers, but the tireless Alt takes care of it all on his own, without giving off even a slight hint of fatigue. Even on his days off, he’s always in motion.

For example, he recently caught wind that a large organic flower supplier was going to be throwing out approximately 6,000 roses. He decided to scoop them up so they wouldn’t go to waste. Over the course of one weekend, he was able to sell nearly all of the flowers for $5 a dozen. He spent the following Monday traveling around town donating the remaining flowers to retirement homes and churches.

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Art in Bloom 2017

Judges Choice · 1st Place